Pair of Art Deco Bali busts of man and woman

€ 495,00

Object description :

"Pair Of Wooden Bust Of 1940-50 Years, Indonesia, Bali -"

Representing a Balinese couple, these subjects were offered to couples as a wedding gift and much appreciated by tourists. Very good quality of wood (heavy) and sculpture. Height of the man 30 cm Height of the woman 26 cm Bali around 1940-50. In a perfect state.

About Balinese ArtDeco statues:

After tourism to Bali started in 1930, the demand for sculptures and drawings from this region increased. Until well after the Second World War, beautiful sculptures were made in the art deco style in Bali. In the west, the Art Deco period formally ends in 1940. Balinese sculptors, on the other hand, continued to work in this style after the war, making them difficult to date. These images were also rarely signed. Source: Art Deco sculptures from Bali (1930-1970) Frans Leidelmeijer

Price: € 495,-

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