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Charles Catteau - Art Deco vaas - D960

€ 1.500,00

Object: Art deco vase with stylized floral motives - D960

Material: Ceramic/ Faïence

Designer/ artist:Charles Catteau

Factory: Boch Frères Keramis

Model:stylized floral motives - D960

Style: Art Deco

Period: 1920-1949

Country of origin: Belgium

Measurements: 27×15×15 cm

Particularly beautiful Catteau vase, in bright colours. Beautifully rendered, strongly stylized floral motifs. Pure Art Deco. Decor D960. Stamped and numbered. The same decor is depicted in the standard work 'Art deco ceramics' by Marc Pairon, see image. The decor is ranked in the higher price range (€€€1/2).

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